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To make this site your own is simple. First click the PayPal link at the bottom and complete the secure online transaction. Next email me all the text and images you want to include (think about two heading About and Service when preparing your text) include the text that you'd like to see in the 'flash banner' at the top of the page and your company logo. The site including your customizations costs 150. If you already have a domain name registered I'll need the ftp details. Don't worry if you don't have a domain, I'll help you with that just let me know when sending the information.
I want this site, how do I buy it ?
A template website is a quick, affordable way to get yourself a quality website without any hassle. In other words, the site you are looking at now will be exactly how your site will look. Naturally you will be able to add your own text and images to make it your own. As soon as you buy the template site and send your personalised information to me, I will have your site up and running within 48 hours :-)
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Absolutely, If you like the look of this or any other template and want it for your very own just click the PayPal link at the bottom of the page and within 48 hours the site will be yours. Email me if there's anything you feel that I've missed or anything that you'd like to know more about.
Is it really that simple?
Once  you've bought the template and it's fully customized, what then? I offer free 1 year hosting on all sites that I produce so we'll having it up and running in no time. I also supply 1 free email address with the templates sites (additional email accounts available on request) I will also submit your new website to all the top search engines (plus hundreds of others) and include meta data and a back-link to help you with sea (online promotion)
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